The best paellas

Made at your home by us

We are specialists in cooking traditional paellas

It is always our objective to make homemade paellas prepared in the traditional way offering a guarantee service.

Call us to book the service

Call us to book the service and don’t worry. We take care of everything. Our team will contact you and give you an estimate according to your needs.

Choose one of our varieties

Select the different types of paella and the number of portions . We have delicious rice dishes and also fideua to choose . You can enjoy the best paellas without leaving your home.

Paella cooked at your home

We will arrive your home 2 hours before the event to make paella with all the home-made ingredients and kitchen utensils. Paella will be prepared where the customer indicates and everybody has the option to observe its fantastic elaboration.

You will be able to enjoy the best rices without preparing them and leaving your home

It is time to choose

Enjoy delicious paellas , spectacular desserts and all served with a good wine.

Paellas & Fideua

Rice & vegetables 14€

Torrevieja "ABANDA" RICE (Prawns & cuttlefish) 16 €

Rice & seafood (assorted seafood) 16€

Fideua (assorted seafood with small noodels) 14€

Rice & meat (chicken, pork, etc.) 14€

Home-Made desserts

Cheese cake & raspberries 18€ (9 portions)

Brownie 16€ (9 portions)

Spanish grandmother´s cake (biscuits & chocolate) 22€ (9 portions)


A red wine bottle 10€

A white wine bottle 8€

A rose wine bottle 8€

Mineral/Sparkling water 1.80€

Soft drinks 2.00€

Beer cans/bottels 2.00€/3.00€


Home-made Spanish potato omelette 14€

Home-made Spanish onion potato omelette 15€

Home-made courgette potato and onion omelette 16€


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662 15 89 43


  666 93 98 42  
 600 57 00 23
662 15 89 43